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Afternoon Tea catering 

Whether you are planning a garden party or or a wedding, our afternoon tea catering options are perfect for any occasion.

If you’d like a light and sophisticated way to feed your guests at your wedding, want to host a fancy party with a difference, or are aiming to impress your corporate guests with a delicate soiree of sumptuous snacks, our afternoon and high teas might be just the thing you’re looking for…


We’ll bring the quintessential china tea sets out, and present a delectable selection of sumptuous finger sandwiches, soft cakes and petit fours ready for you and your guests to indulge in.


Why Choose Afternoon Tea from a Catering Company?


Afternoon tea has become a popular English tradition that we love today, but where did it come from? Let us take you back in time to 1840 when Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, found that she was becoming hungry in the afternoons and couldn’t wait until the late dinner times of the house at 9pm – and we don’t blame her! Instead of leaving her famished, the kitchen ensured the Duchess began to enjoy a plate of tea, bread, butter and cake in the afternoons. This became a habit and when her friends started to respond to her invites, the whole event began to become very fashionable in society.


Now we offer you the chance to feel like you’re part of high society in the modern day with our selections of afternoon treats and delicacies. Afternoon tea is perfect if you want to give your guests a light treat between a wedding breakfast and the main meal, or as a way of hosting a classy tea party with an air of Alice in Wonderland.

So whether you’re looking for a local catering company in Dorset, or you want the finest in the region to come to you, we’ll visit anywhere in country and can accommodate any budget, to make sure you have an afternoon tea to make even the seventh Duchess of Bedford want to attend!