Whether you are planning a party or a wedding, you will need canapés caterers in Dorset.

The exciting thing about these mini mouthfuls is that there are so many different varieties to suit every occasion, meaning your guests always experience a tasty adventure.


We’ll cater for your tastes, so if you’d like delicate buttery pastry, soft bruschetta’s, tender fish, or some gooey pudding canapés, we’ll be able to make a mini-menu perfect for your event. Canapés are the perfect option to have before a barbecue, buffet, paella, pie and mash or any form of wedding catering.

Stimulating mouthfuls to keep your mingling guests entertained at a business occasion, tasty pockets of flavour to tease the taste buds before the main meal at a wedding, or delicious bites to accompany a grand opening; canapés are versatile and an easy way to keep your dinner party guests happy. Canapés are the perfect  prerequisite to any function, especially when thinking about your wedding food.


How About Personalised Cupcakes?


We can certainly offer you some delicious Sausage and Pear Cupcakes with your company logo on to celebrate an event – just let us know the flavour and we’ll be able to whip up some soft-baked goodness to suit your business.


Want something a little more substantial than canapés? Why not take a look at our bowl food options? 

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